Principle Investigator

Dr. Zhiwei Li, Research Assistant Professor

Team Members

Ms. Shaofen Xu, Research Assistant

Master Students

List of supervised Master students for dissertations or projects:

Name Thesis/Project Title Status
Yim-ting Cheung Comprehensive Flood Risk Assessment in the Greater Bay Area: A Historical and Future Perspective (2000-2100) Completed in December 2023
Sukanta Bag Evaluating the Impact of Deforestation on the Amazon Rainforest Through Satellite Imagery Analysis Completed in December 2023
Huan Zhou Unlocking the Potential of Multi-Modal Self-Supervised Learning for Flood Inundation Mapping Completed in May 2024
Jinzhuo Xiong Use of Radom Forest and High-Resolution Satellite Imagery for Urban Flooding Inundation Probability Mapping Ongoing (Exp. Completion: Dec 2024)
Lai Yiu Tong Modeling and Analysis of Rooftop Solar Energy Potentials Using GIS-based Approach – A Case Study of Hong Kong Ongoing (Exp. Completion: Dec 2024)
Zeyu Xu Harmonizing Optical and SAR Imagery for Enhanced Water Body Extraction: A Comparative and Integrative Approach Ongoing (Exp. Completion: Dec 2024)
Jingyi Shi Evaluating Climate Change Impacts on Flood Risks in Southeast Asia Through Coupled Hydrological and Climate Modeling Ongoing (Exp. Completion: Dec 2024)
Miao Yu Flood Risk Assessment and Projection for Southeast Asia under Shared Socioeconomic Pathways Scenarios Ongoing (Exp. Completion: Dec 2024)
Yujie Gao Physics-Informed Deep Learning for Enhanced Cloud Detection and Removal in Optical Satellite Imagery Time Series Ongoing (Exp. Completion: May 2025)